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    The initial purpose of expository essay is present information in a form of report about situation or event. The expository essay may also focus on presentation of people’s viewpoints. The major key point of expository essay is to present the chosen subject in great detail. The writer must stay away from any argument or criticism in the first place. As a writer, you must focus on elucidating the subject by providing complete analysis of it. You must see the writing as a type of discourse and present the information in explaining manner for the reader to understand easily.

    The expository essay writing starts with subject detail analysis and may use the analogies or illustrations. Here are a few simple steps for you to follow while writing your expository essay. Find and identify the main topic. If you have the freedom to choose the topic, then proceed with choosing the topic that is more detailed and less general. Also, stay away from the topics that you have already written about. Second step is to focus on gathering relevant facts or other type of information relevant to the topic. The sources you choose must be credible like statistical data, chronicles of previous events, historical facts, published figures, old and latest research findings, etc.

    Third step is to write thesis statement in clear and concise manner that must be included in the introduction. The thesis statement can the laid out as first sentence or the last in the introductory paragraph. The fourth step is to distribute evenly all the facts throughout the body of your expository essay. Keep in mind that all facts must be grouped according to their categories and laid out in the essay body paragraphs.

    Fifth step is to make sure to provide the smooth transition sentences between paragraphs. Sixth step is to make a good logically laid out conclusion. At this point the discussed topic must be accessed from the evidence you have presented in the first parts of the essay. Establish the argument that is logically have been derived from the key facts discussed earlier.


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