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  • Jun

    essay-writing-stylesLet’s start with a definition of the essay in the first place. Although, the essay has been defined in a certain variety, the essay is a “prose composition”. It is focused particularly on the discussion subject. You can say that the essay is a type of a prolonged discourse with systematic subject discussion. An essay is a short piece of writing that’s why it has it’s certain limits of disguising one topic. Your essay must cover the as much ground as possible.

    There are considered to be three basic ways to determine the essay style. First is autobiographical or personal essay. Personal essay must use the elements of autobiography. The topic in the personal essay is being reviewed through the aspect of description along with the personal experience. The second is objective or so-called “factual” essay. This is type of essay must not reveal any personal relationship or attitude to the chosen or described subject. The main focus of objective or factual essay is being turned to political or scientific theme. And third type of essay is abstract-universal. This essay must focus on one chosen subject and the author has the ability to write about anything he decides to write about. Read the rest of this entry »

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