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    The renewed PowerPoint 2007 has a number of valuable features that will dramatically make your work easier and faster. While Powerpoint 2007 has a new format along with new interface which is different, it has pretty hip and fashionable look. But the most important features are the updated tools that will help you along the way. Powerpoint presentations today are the direct necessity and the brighter or more colorful you make it, the more attention you are about to get. Creating powerpoint presentation can seem to be a hassle first. As soon as you get used to it, you will manage just fine. For all other requests, you can always rely on your 24/7 customer friendly powerpoint 2007 professional assistance. But let’s get down to the new features list.

    1. New themes, layouts and quick styles. There is no need for your ppt presentation fix-up to be a time-consuming process anymore. Now, it takes just one click to change the background, content, pictures or charts. The program will ensure that all colors do complement each other. For choosing that option, go to Theme, then Quick Style galleries and proceed with theme adaptation.
    2. New Layouts. Variety of choices for the new slide layouts are simply amazing. But most importantly, you are eligible to creating your own personal or should we say custom slide layout that will fully reflect on your ppt presentation. Choosing color and custom features of the new slide layouts is real fun and you get to play with it until you get the best final result.
    3. Renewed Excel Charts. Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 does miracles by creating your own excel charts automatically. As a result, you get more professional look and faster outcomes.
    4. New SmartArt. Well, we guess everybody simply loves the new SmartArt diagrams. The new exceptional charting engine, enhanced graphics and profound 3-D shaped layouts. Who wouldn’t love the drop shadows and transparency. Check out the new visual affects which includes special colors, soft edges, miraculous glows along with profound 3D control.
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