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    PowerPoint Presentation has huge popularity today. Both students and executives use Microsoft PowerPoint to enhance their business and course presentations while using various bright and colorful PowerPoint themes. PowerPoint templates also have the name of PowerPoint blueprints or patterns. The presentation may have one slide or a group of slides. They are being saved with extension a .potx file. The best thing about powerpoint templates as they can be changed and stylized with different layouts, bright colors, exclusive fonts, moving and cartoon theme effects, as well as background styles. The content of PowerPoint presentation plays the content, and its meaning in the effect cannot be underestimated or denied.

    Some students like to show their creative side through the creation of their own playful custom templates. These templates can be stored and reused again as well as being modernized or re-colored. The internet is filled with hundreds of different types of Microsoft PowerPoint themes and templates. Here is a list of specific outlines that must be included in custom made ppt themes.

    1. Master Slide. The master slide should include subject-specific content presented in a form of previous achievements like “Certificate”. The text can be addible and editable. It must not contain much text at all as it considered being the front page of the presentation.
    2. Background Format. The background formatting may have different formatting that are usually pictures, blurry photographs, interesting textures, color gradients or solid fill colors. The background format transparency is being used to make the colors pleasurable to the eye.
    3. Text Placeholders. These text spaces allow to type in exclusive text or innovative information in order to be customized into slides.
    4. Fonts, Effects & Colors. This list includes 3-d effects, various lines, special fills and shadows. They are considered to be the basic theme design elements and may be associated with the topic of your ppt presentation.
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